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The ChAoS Utilities - PROBE2 1.4.042

PROBE2 is an MSdos/TurboVision based serial data-scope with limited terminal emulator facilities. It can (currently) handle up to four serial ports and the user can configure the usual things such as baud rate, data bits, stop bits, etc. In addition, one can cope with non-standard serial port hardware by specifying the UART's crystal speed.

It is programmable via an in-built Forth-like interpreter.

Its main feature, however, is the "scope window" whereby the user can display input from the serial channels much in the manner of a "data-scope".

It requires an MSdos compatible operating system in order to run but can be used under Win95, although a "real" MSdos system is recommended. (Time to break out all those old '486 and P100 systems that are clogging up your office...)

PROBE2 can capture to text files and the user can trigger events based upon received data, change of busy channel, time outs and so on.

Large PROBE2 screen shot

In order that you can get a better idea of PROBE2's capabilities and method of operation, We have placed a few of the issued files on this site.

PROBE2 holds its settings in a text file that is not dissimilar to Windows' configuration files.

In common with most software, PROBE2 comes with a "read me" file. In addition, we provide a FAQ and a tutorial. Different versions of PROBE2 are detailed in the change log.

As mentioned above, PROBE2 has an in-built script language. At present, this is a dialect of Forth. We have provided a number of scripts including a system header file that should be included in all user-generated scripts and a script used in PROBE2's tutorial.

Finally, we present a slightly frivolous application - in this case, the requirement was to emulate a GPS device by generating a set of NMEA 0183 "sentences".

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