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www.glod.net 1.4.024 of 20020725 @ 173817

The ChAoS Utilities - CFG2 1.2.042

CFG2 is an MSdos or LINUX based configuration text file generator.

The idea was to write a program that could, when the user configured the program via "switches", automagically generate such things as the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, the CONFIG.SYS file, compiler "make" files, program configuration .INI files and so on. It has even been used to generate high-level program source files.

CFG2 is a command-line utility and we have made the full text of this program's help page available. CFG2 comes with a "read me" file, FAQ, tutorial, change log and reference manual.

Large CFG2 screen shot

CFG2 is used to generate the HTML source files for this web site. In order to allow you to see the sorts of things that CFG2 can do, we have left the CFG2 script file on this web site. In this file, many of the "special" words shown in the CFG2's help page can be seen in actual use. In addition, some of the ChAoS Utilities come with HTML documentation files that have been generated using CFG2 as well. These represent good examples of large CFG2 scripts. Therefore, it may be worth having a look at the CFG2 script for PROBE2's HTML, the script for CFG2's HTML, the script for CDU's HTML and the script for TELLTALE's HTML. (These scripts are not intended to be CFG2 tutorials so they're not as heavily commented as the CFG2 example scripts.)

For completeness, we present the batch file that is used to drive CFG2 in order to generate the web site files and to clean up afterwards. (Note that while the generated files work under Windows, in order to work in the real world, the files must be renamed to all lower-case letters. This is the task that is performed by the call of the CCU program in the batch file.)

This is version 1.4.024 of the web site generated by CFG2 1.2.041 Apr 10 2002 on Thu Jul 25 17:38:17 2002. Problems? Suggestions? Email the webmaster.

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