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Welcome to TELLTALE, a ChAoS Utility. This program allows the user to display a small indicator (that is, a "tale-tell") that can be of a fixed or changing colour depending upon the command-line options selected. It can be used for a broad range of tasks and, in particular, has in-built PINGing facilities.

The main benefit of using TELLTALE is that it can be used to monitor, for example, the results of a program "build" and allows the success or failure of the process to be easily and plainly apparent when, perhaps, the output of the build process produces so much "clutter" that the results may not be otherwise easily discernable.

TELLTALE is a command-line utility and operates by interpreting the options provided upon its command-line.


In order to work, TELLTALE merely requires that you have the executable file and that you are running a 32-bit Windows operating system or compatible.

Package Contents

You should have the following:

telltale .exe The TELLTALE executable file.
ttver.htm Change history of the TELLTALE program.
tttut.htm TELLTALE's Tutorial.
tt.htm This introduction to TELLTALE.
ttfaq.htm A file of Frequently Asked Questions.
ttref.htm A TELLTALE Reference Manual.

To actually run TELLTALE, only the executable is required.

If you are a first-time user of TELLTALE, We suggest that you read the tutorial.


TELLTALE is a public domain program. You are free to re-distribute TELLTALE to third parties if:


"The authors disclaim all warranties as to this software, whether express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, functionality or data integrity or protection."


TELLTALE was written by Mark ("Captain ChAoS") Davis with a small contribution from Stephen ("Harry") Coul. By virtue of the fact that ChAoS had a hand in writing this program:

This program is a ChAoS Utility

We're not sure that the terms "public domain" and "copyright" aren't mutually exclusive. Even so, this software is:

Copyright © Mark Davis and Stephen Coul, 2001.

Contacting The Authors

If you have any bug reports or suggestions, you can contact the authors at the TELLTALE email address.

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