TELLTALE 1.4.068 - Change Log


Improve the mouse handling. The program now only commits suicide when a mouse button is released and it has already seen the button depressed. (It ain't perfect but it's better than what I had before. Previously, TELLTALE bailed out upon button press but the release of the button was sometimes "seen" by whatever application happened to be underneath the late TELLTALE window.)


The -D text can now be formatted over more than one line. Use the "C" notation of "\r" or "\n" (or both) to force the text to break to a new line. See example (38) in the tutorial.


Corrected a problem whereby created brushes were not deleted after use. This appeared to run fine under Win95 but caused interesting flickering screen affects if TELLTALE was run for a long enough period under WinNT.


Corrected the calls to KILLTIMER().


Fixed bug whereby "stacking" via a -O option worked if the "base" tell-tale was against one edge of the screen but not if the base box was in the middle of the screen.


Added the self-positioning of tell-tales when an offset direction was supplied but no offset number. In this instance, TELLTALE will place the new box in the first un-used "slot".


Added Harry's Wonderful PING. See the list of examples in the tutorial for information on how to invoke it.

TELLTALE now has it's very own icon! (Though not, it has to be said, a very good one...)


Added capability to display text in the tell-tales and also to specify the colour of that text.


Added the removal from the taskbar by default. The old behaviour (of having a visible taskbar button) can be invoked by using the -V option.


Added the "group numbering" facility. This is an integer, specified using the -W parameter. This integer is used to fabricate the program's class name. As a result, the killing of siblings will now only take place on siblings that have the same group number.


Fixed a little bug whereby siblings were inhumed if they were in the same position as the intended new-born window but the "show state" (that is, whether they were maximised or not) was different.

Thus, if you made a default tell-tale box and then made a second identical box except that the latter had the -M option applied so that it was maximised, the latter would kill off the former.


One can now specify up to twenty colours each having their own period. Specify the period for a colour before you specify the colour itself. (See example (12) in the tutorial.)

Also, TELLTALE now only deletes a previous tell-tale if the new box exactly matches the size and position of a previous box. Hence, it's now much easier to have several tell-tales showing the status of different items. To update one of them, merely issue another TELLTALE command using the same size and position parameters.


Added the "HIDE" colour that flashes the boxes by making them invisible. (Note that it can be somewhat more difficult to remove these since one can neither type a key into, nor click on, a window that isn't there.)