CDU 0.6.060 - Change Log


Fixed the problem whereby a forced "sad" beep was sometimes done on exit from an interactive session even if sounds were off.


Slight cosmetic alterations to the printing of offsets when sector addresses are printed.


When CONFIRM is disabled, the program will now inhibit the question asked when if thinks BUFSIZ is being made too large; it will now merely set BUFSIZ to whatever the user has requested.


If VERBOSE is enabled, CDU will now dump the version and API bits when the INT13 extended interface is probed. (In fact, it'll only do this if the interface is deemed to exist. You can still have a look at these bits, even if the interface is deemed not to exist, by enabling DEBUG instead.)


Adopt the new "standard" format for the files that keep track of the program's version number. This will allow easy generation of the current version of the program and, in particular, the web site can automatically generate a list of current program version numbers.


Added FWRITE and HWRITE which are type-specific enable switches for floppies and hard drives, respectively. The old switch, WRITE, has been retained; setting WRITE will have the effect of setting FWRITE and HWRITE so, in effect, old .CDU scripts will still work. Note that only WRITE is tested when writing to volumes. The new words only apply (at the moment, at any rate) to disks.


Altered the default state of the IDENTIFY switch to be off - we think it's dangerous to leave it enabled by default until we can make the IDE identification process reliable.